PEA Network - UNESCO 
"Preoccupations and Priorities in the Current World"”
25 de outubro 2005

UNESCO - "Worries of the Current World" National Meeting of the Associated Schools of UNESCO (PEA) Line

At the invitation of Vera Costa Gissoni, National Coordinator of PEA-UNESCO, the Center was part of the 11th National Meeting of the PEA-UNESCO Network, and Carolina was invited to present the opening with the lecture "The Humanitarian Imperative in Crisis Situations". The network links day-care centers, pre-schools, primary, secondary, technical, teacher training institutions, to implement international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education - values shared by the Center . In Brazil, it emphasizes strengthening the four pillars of Education for the 21st Century (learning to know, doing, being and living together) and promoting quality education. Both the Center and the Associated Schools Program bring engaging, mobilizing proposals with great transformative potential for our institutions.

Creche Terezinha Amorim, TJERJ
Colegio Paulo Gissoni
Colegio Castelo Branco (CCB)

Universidade Castelo Branco (UCB)