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Opening Lecture for the Undergraduate Course in International Relations
Sergio was chosen by the students to be the patron of the Undergraduate class in International Relations at UFF, and the CSVM was invited to lecture. It was an event full of enthusiasm where the students were mobilized to turn it into a real success. Today, several of these students (such as Lucas Balthazar, an intern at the ICJ in The Hague) are undertaking exchanges in the most prestigious international centers. 
The course aims to train high-level professionals focused on teaching and developing research in international relations, mainly in the field of foreign trade and strategic studies.
They are interested in the life of Sergio as an example to follow, and the CSVM attempts to educate, in an accessible way, how Sergio began an international career, from the starting point of being a Philosophy student at UFRJ, in Rio de Janeiro.  

The panel featured the presentations of:
-Sergio Vieira de Mello Center, Carolina Larriera
-Secretary-General of the II SeVIMMUN, Yasmin Paes
-Academic Secretary General of II SeViMMUN, Hyury Duarte
-Coordinator of the CASViM Policy Area, Laisa Guedes Henrique
-Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Strategic Studies at UFF, Dr. Thiago Rodrigues
The master of ceremonies was Isabella Pereira
UFF Student Organizing Committee: Luísa Rollemberg, Bianca Cunha, Larissa Lima, Thiago Rodrigues, Yasmin Paes, Hyury Duarte, Lucas Balthazar, Isabella Pereira, Gabriel Asaf, Giovanna Martins, Laisa Guedes, Helena Azevedo, Jonatas Diniz, Letícia Cruxen

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