Fórum of Tomorrow-Fórum do Amanhã - Tiradentes, Minas Gerais. 
November 22-25, 2018

Brazilian riches: recognize, generate, and distribute: from historic Tiradentes

In the words of Di Masi and Giannetti, "Brazil needs a new country project that integrates different strands of thought and makes us overcome the state of perplexity and fragmentation in which we find ourselves. The ideology of this "new way" must come from civil society, in democratic, living, creative and propositive movements". . With this guiding spirit, the CSVM was invited to participate in the tables and to receive the Opening Tribute of the Third Forum of Tomorrow, which took place November 22-25, 2018. To emphasize the character of a project done by many voices, the debates had, as a starting point, the a "Letter of Tomorrow", a summary document that reflected the diversity of the first two forums contributions, from intellectuals, artists, entrepreneurs, leaders of other social movements, Afro-descendants, all with the only common denominator to propose to think generously about Brazil's future.
The Sergio Vieira de Mello Center participated actively as a guest-debater at the discussion tables, along with references such as Domenico De Masi, Eduardo Giannetti (creators), and Ilona Szabo from the Igarapé Institute. It was featured in "Brazil worthy of being dreamed", who on the third day debated the question whether there will be a possible dream being shared by all Brazilians. The forum placed upon a heterogeneous nucleus such as the CSVM and other organizations, general issues that were addressed in a transdisciplinary way, seeking an integration of ideas, feelings and insights that only a plural group can achieve. The questions were debated by the group of guests and by the audience, and a summary of the discussions was finally made.
The CSVM was proud to make small contributions so that the new Charter, permanently rewritten in many hands, could serve as a reference for the future Forum of Tomorrow.
The panel featured:

Carolina Larriera, Sergio Vieira de Mello Center ;
Newton Cannito, director and screenwriter of film and television;
Domenico De Masi, Sociologist Professor at La Sapienza University in Rome;
Priscilla Haddock Lobo, Sergio Vieira de Mello Center;
Roberto Gambini, winner of the Jabuti Prize; 
Eduardo Giannetti, Economist and Philosopher, Cambridge University;
Hélio Mattar,  founder, co-founder and CEO of Akatu Institute - Conscious Consumption for a Sustainable Future;
Eduardo Rombauer, Facilitator, political activist and writer;
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