1ro First International Congress of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights -  First Day- 
70 Years of the International Declaration of Human Rights, São Paulo
6 December 2018 
Place: Rua Maria Paula, 35 – Centro, São Paulo, SP


Watch the online video: https://youtu.be/ytk3LxHAXdI
The relevance of the defense of human rights: 70 years of the UDHR
The advance of a conservative wave at the global level ignites the attention of human rights defenders to their importance today. In the face of the activists' findings, an analysis of the scenario, from different perspectives, was carried out during the first round of the second day of the International Congress of Human Rights of the Brazilian Bar Association of Sao Paulo, which dealt with the 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The panel featured:
César Muñoz, of Human Rights Watch; 
Juana Kweitel, diretor of Conectas; 
Alexandra Montgomery, diretora of Centro Pela Justiça e o Direito Internacional (CEJIL); 
Carolina Larriera, diretor, Sergio Vieira de Mello Center; 
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